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Game ON Toolkit

Game ON: Women Can Coach toolkit
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The Films

Game On: Women Can Coach (short, 17 min), introduction by ABC Good Morning America's Robin Roberts with new footage featuring Notre Dame Head Women's Basketball Coach Muffet McGraw
Game On: Women Can Coach (full-length version, 55 min), featuring championship women coaches at every level, including former USWNT Soccer Coach Jill Ellis and MN Lynx Coach Cheryl Reeve

The Toolkit

Barriers for Women Sport Coaches: An Ecological Systems Model, 2012

Be an Ally of Girls and Women in Sport, 2019

Blame the Woman, 2016

The Decline and Stagnation of Women Head Coaches of Women's Collegiate Teams in the United States from 1971 to 2019

Do You Want to be a Role Model? 2018 April

Shifting the Narrative about Women Sport Coaches, 2019

Targets of Opportunity to Hire Women Coaches, 2018

"We Want a Male Coach": A Teachable Moment for Female Athletes, 2017

Why Women Sport Coaches Matter: The Evidence, 2016

The Women Coaches' Playbook for Being Hired and Retained: Athletic Administration Best Practices of Recruitment, Hiring and Retention of Female Collegiate Coaches, 2017

"Increasing Women’s Leadership in Canada: How to Present an Effective Case for Sport" (Demers, 2019)

50 Ways to Fight Bias Gender Bias Cards

Women in Sports Coaching

Athletic Administration Best Practices of Recruitment, Hiring and Retention of Female Collegiate Coaches

WeCoach Job Center: Find and Post Jobs for Coaches

#SHECANCOACH® D1 Coaches Families

InXAthlete online employment platform

Strategies for Allies: The ABC Method

Eight Strategies: How to Handle Gender Bias When You're the Only Woman

20 Cognitive Biases That Affect Your Decision-Making

Youth Sport Policy Recommendations

Mother-Coach Generated Strategies for Increasing Female Coaches in Youth Sport

10 Ways to Create a Sport Culture of Valuing Women Leaders

Levelling the Playing Field for Women Coaches in Football Expert Series: Challenge Gender Bias

Fired! - Women Coaches You are Dismissed infographic

Fired! - slide 1 - Women Coaches You are Dismissed

Fired! - slide 2 - Why Does it Matter

Fired! - slide 3 - NCAA Select 7 Conferences