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Tucker Center launches #HERESPROOF Project

One myth we often hear is: "No one is interested in women's sport."
We KNOW that is not true.


When we go to women’s sporting events like the Minnesota Lynx or Gopher Women’s Hockey and Volleyball, we see firsthand that there are a LOT of people interested. To provide proof of interest in women’s sport, join us in dispelling this damaging and untrue myth by posting your picture on your favorite social network with the hashtag: #HERESPROOF.


Download our Official #HERESPROOF Seal and it affix it to your image. Don't forget to check out our awesome #HERESPROOF infographics below!


Connect with us below by tagging @tuckercenter on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Use the hashtag #HERESPROOF on yours posts and add the #HERESPROOF Seal to pictures you upload to social media!

Click here for more information on the Tucker Center/tptMN video, Media Coverage and Female Athletes.